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About Hunan hotel
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   With its elegant style and solemn pattern, Beijing Hunan Hotel adds a new member and a new landscape to he building complex in the world-famous Chang’an Street. As a high-standard and ultifunctional five-star hotel integrating dining, accommodation, conference and commerce, she is an important platform for Hunan to display its image, an important window for the outside world to know about Hunan and also an exchange platform and idyllic stop for all Hunan natives coming to Beijing. She is the home for all Hunan natives in Beijing and the first choice for Hunan people to make friends from all over the world.

    Advantageous Location, Convenient Transport and Sufficient Parking Spaces

    Located at the intersection of East Chang’an Street and Beijing Railway Station and facing each other with Henderson Center across a street, the Hotel can be directly reached from east, west, south or north and has a very advantageous geographical location. From here, you can easily walk to such famous historic and cultural sites as the Imperial Palace and Tiananmen Square; such scenic spots as Beihai Park and Tiantan Park; Zhongnanhai, the People’s Great Hall and the ministries and commissions of the Central Government; such high-end business districts as embassy areas, CBD and “silver street”; and such cultural facilities as National Grand Theatre. The Hotel is the first choice for your going in for governmental affairs, official business, conferences, commerce and tourism.

    At the gold section of Beijing where one inch of land is worth one inch of gold, the Hotel forges the indoor parking lot as the second lobby, which can provide 200 fully-automatically managed indoor parking spaces and 150 outdoor ones so as to help you free from the trouble of parking.

    Away from Capital Airport: 24 kilometers, driving for 25 minutes.

    Away from the Subway location at Beijing Railway Station: 100 meters, walking for 2 minutes

    Away from Jianguomen and Dongdan Subway location: 500 meters, walking for 10 minutes.

    Beijing’s First Smoke-Free Hotel, Healthy and Environment-Friendly as an International Pioneer

    The Hotel adopts the internationally advanced new EP technology featuring the separate paving of pipelines for fresh wind and ventilation, which enables you to breathe fresh air as soon as you walk into the lobby.In the guest room is equipped with the domestically-initiated advanced air-conditioning equipment,which can automatically give ventilation and air exchange, enabling you to enjoy the unique smoke-free quality.

    Considerate Front-Desk Reception

    The elegant and soft lotus flower ceiling lamps, the vigorous and powerful handwriting of Qin Yuan Chun—Snow by Chairman Mao and the huge Hunan embroidery Scenery of Zhangjiajie which has taken 150 persons 5 months to complete will bring you to experience the different flavor of Hunan landscapes.

    The well-established and advanced business facilities at the front desk can provide such warm services as booking room, meeting and send-off, parking, reserving ticket, Internet access, tourism and sightseeing, photo development,express mail delivery and secretary, which will really enable you to feel the “home-from-home” comfort and ease.

    Comfortable Experience of Guest Rooms

    With a floor area of 61176 square meters and with its guest rooms mainly being single and suite ones, the Hotel can simultaneously provide more than 300 guests with fresh and comfortable accommodation environment. In the guest rooms, all are available ranging from advanced communication equipment to network transmission line to satellite TV, which enable you to communicate with the whole world even if staying inside. If you stay in the executive floor, you can enjoy various delicate soft drinks gratuitously provided by the executive wine corridor.

    Lofty Site for Banquets and Gatherings

    Hunan Hall, a large multifunctional hall with an area of over 1100 squares, a floor height of 6`6 meters and equipped with a large DLP LED display, can contain 600 person for all kinds of activities including conferences and dining gatherings.Its magnificent lotus petal crystal lamps showcase the sponsor’s noble elegance and the several meeting rooms of various sizes on the same floor can provide the sponsor with more convenience. It is the best choice for you to hold various high-grade exhibitions, auctions, wedding banquets and business events.

    Characteristic Chinese and Western Food

    The Hotel can simultaneously meet the dining demand of 1200 guests. It will forge Beijing’s top-class Hunan cuisine with the brand of Shou Xiang Yuan. More than 30 deluxe private rooms named after the scenic and historic interest areas of Hunan and they are the first choice for your high-grade banquets. The authentic wild flavors around Hunan, unique farmhouse features and star-grade cooking; the choice Hunan native materials transported here by air and cooked elaborately; the calligraphies and paintings by Hunan celebrities and the warm and considerate services of Hunan girls—all these will make you seem to be personally on the scene and feel the profound culture of Hunan while enjoying the delicacies. Besides, the new-style Canton cuisine contributed by HK chief chefs, the special dishes forged by the
Hotel’s team, the traditional Western food of French, Italian and German styles cooked by famous international chefs,the delicious Western-style refreshments, the collection of unique snacks from both south and north and the superb red wine from eight famous French ranches will make you reluctant to leave the hearty feast of ours only.

    Fitness and Entertainment Delighting Your Body and Mind

    The Hotel is equipped with well-established facilities for shower, beauty and hairdressing, foot bath and physique

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